Server Setup & Maintenance

Server Setup & Maintenance

On-site servers should always be up and running so your business can operate effectively. A computer server provides a streamlined operation by enabling document sharing and other tasks essential for collaboration. You will also need to have your files on the server backed up regularly. Data loss can affect your productivity and we know you do not want this problem to happen. SMART IT SERVICES LLC will set up a perfectly working server for you. We have a dedicated team to monitor and maintain your server so you do not have to worry about downtime.

We understand that your computer server is a vital component of your growing business. Since you are using several computers, operating at a productive pace is essential. Expanding your business will not be easy if your computers cannot manage files and documents. As your business grows, you need a server that can store and organize all of your resources and data. Security is also important. We provide you with the ability to control the access of employees through a centralized server.

A remote access is going to be beneficial to you because you can access your email and files anytime, anywhere, from any device. Even if you have encountered a disaster, we have backup copies of your data that you can easily recover. With SMART IT SERVICES LLC, you will be able to obtain additional assistance in meeting the IT requirements of your growing business.

We Can Also

  • Startup problems
  • Computer crashes
  • No image on screen
  • Blue screen
  • Lines across the screen
  • Faulty parts replaced any device
  • Tune up & optimisation services
  • Password recovery
  • Software issues resolved
  • Liquid spills
  • Internet connection difficulties
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Software installation
  • Operating system install/reinstall
  • Workstation maintenance
  • Laptop & Desktop upgrades
  • Network problems

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