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We at Computer Repair Fort Myers are dedicated in providing our customers with excellent service. Using proactive approach, advanced tools and techniques, we will take care of your computer-related concerns in a timely manner. Whether you want to remove viruses, set up your wireless network, or upgrade your computer system, we get everything done.

Home Computer Repair Service

Whether at work or at home, having a computer and other electronic devices makes life easier. However, when your computer is running slow, making noises, or not turning on, you need a reliable computer technician to get these issues fixed.

Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal

You can expose your computer to threats without even realizing it. Viruses or spywares can work their way into your computer when you click a link or download something you perceive to be harmless. As threats are becoming more and more sophisticated, it’s hard to identify whether or not the link you clicked can pose a threat to your computer.

Wireless Network Installation

Establishing wireless network may seem like a good idea as it keeps your home connected. However, you are also exposing your computer to potential security problems that when left unresolved, can hurt your wallet. You will open the door to threats when you have an unsecure connection.

Data Recovery & System Backup Services

With all the important emails, documents, and files stored in your computer network, data loss can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, especially if you don’t have a proper data recovery and backup system. Replacing everything you lost can take weeks. 

Laptop & Desktop Repair Services

Your PC or laptop is an important device when you are preparing for a school report, working from home, or fulfilling an online transaction. If your laptop or PC crashes, and you are unable to use it, you need to put your tasks that require the use of computer, on hold. 

Training Plus Service

Do you find anything related to computers complex? We have certified computer experts who will help you gain deeper understanding about computers. Whether it is about using an email program, or making the most out of your Microsoft Office programs, we definitely have the skilled and knowledgeable teams to help you.

We Can Also

  • Startup problems
  • Computer crashes
  • No image on screen
  • Blue screen
  • Lines across the screen
  • Faulty parts replaced any device
  • Tune up & optimisation services
  • Password recovery
  • Software issues resolved
  • Liquid spills
  • Internet connection difficulties
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Software installation
  • Operating system install/reinstall
  • Workstation maintenance
  • Laptop & Desktop upgrades
  • Network problems

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