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My computer was a mess. I have considered myself to be a geek. So when my computer crashed, I figured I could fix it myself. After a few hours and failed attempts, I gave up and called US Computer Solutions for help. They didn't disappoint. Within a few hours, a technician was at my front door. He fixed my computer and added all the essential components to restore it to its working condition. I never had a problem since! Thank you sincerely.
James B.
I'm not computer savvy, and I've encountered several issues with my computer because of some computer glitch or viruses. I was thinking of purchasing a new computer as I thought my old computer was hopeless. My husband told to call you guys. I was hesitant at first, but what you did to my computer made me change my mind. Had I not listened to my husband, I might have spent thousands on replacement.
Mia S.
Just want to thank my tech for knowing exactly what my business needs. At first, I thought I had a complete setup, but my tech told me that I needed an upgrade. I was quite hesitant considering the cost and the process. Your tech went the extra mile to educate me about the implication of retaining my old setup. He was able to convince me to give the upgrade a go. You guys are amazing! I'd consider your service for future projects.
Dylan G.

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